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Zelje koristi in škoduje pridiete

izgubijo težo v vročini

In September 2018, the White Flag was awarded for the first time to Republic of Seychelles, the world's most exotic tourism destination.The first White flag to the Republic of Seychelles was awarded to H.E. Danny Faure, President of Seychelles, by H.E. Kristijan Curavic, OACM President.

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The diverse landscape of the Alps and moun-tain pastures have fascinated Regula Stüdli since her childhood. Plants in bright yellow and blue, and with a high degree of resilience, used to greet her on her hikes up into the greatest heights.

način, da izgubijo težo, je ločen napajalnik

The studio apartment we stayed in was as shown in the pictures (only that it now features a flat-screen TV). The apartment was super clean and well-equipped, with a comfortable king-size bed and wi-fi that worked perfectly.

Depilation means removing hair on skin's surface (shaving, depilation creams). Epilation means removing hair with the root under the skin (wax, laser…).

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